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ChiCLI - Boxed Edition with Manual

ChiCLI - Boxed Edition with Manual

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An Open Source command line interface terminal, for the Commodore 64, inspired by: AmigaDOS, MS-DOS, and Linux.

You can check it out on GitHub here:

Pronunciation of ChiCLI: ky see-elle-eye

Feel comfortable using a familiar interface similar to AmigaDOS, and other Command Line Interfaces!

No more having to remember very unintuitive and long Commodore 64 DOS commands and BASIC strings! Whip through essential file tasks, like copying, renaming, creating directories, and mounting disk images, much like you would on AmigaDOS, MS-DOS, Windows, Linux, or any other modern terminal. ChiCLI takes advantage of your existing muscle-memory, while providing multiple aliases, no matter what favourite console or terminal you're accustomed to!

  • Perform quick and easy file management with your drives! Unleashes the potential of your SD2IEC!
  • Mount and extract files from within a D64 disk image on your SD2IEC and copy them to another folder on the same SD card!
  • Load and run any program with a single "run" command. Rapidly load and run Turbo Macro Pro using the -t option!
  • Quickly view a file without leaving the application, using a plain text or hexadecimal layout. You can even view BASIC programs without loading them!
  • Quickly change between partitions on a single SD card, & copy files between them!
  • Change drive number assignments with ease on a 1541 or SD2IEC drive. You can choose to make the assignment permanent on the SD2IEC using a single command!
  • Create your own shortcuts using the alias command. Use aliases to emulate the shortcuts of other DOS wedges to retain your muscle memory!
  • Set your own one-key shortcuts with the hotkey command. You can assign your shortcut to any of the eight function keys!
  • Enable or disable displaying file name extensions on your SD2IEC, allowing you to show, hide, or even change Commodore DOS file types, such as PRG or SEQ files!
  • Perform quick and easy file management with your drives! Unleashes the potential of your SD2IEC!
  • Explore memory with "peek", "poke", and "view-mem" commands. You can also continuously show a memory location to see how it changes over time using the "peeking" command. It automatically displays in decimal and binary!
  • Open Source, and so much more!

Quotes from public forums:

"Your program completes me. I think i may even make my C64 boot directly to it. I like it that much. I have never seen anything this slick!! Major kudos and praise to this dev! It is a must have for every C64 enthusiast and raises the bar substantially! I have never seen or used such a perfect terminal on a C64 in all my decades using the platform. It is extremely powerful and easy to use. It modernizes the system and makes it perform equal to or better then a PC MS-DOS distro command line. Full featured copies quickly from folder to folder unlike CBM manager. It breaks new barriers on this platform! I highly recommend it to everyone. It does advanced stuff like mounting D64 containers on SD2IEC. Directory manipulation you name it! Partition manipulation. This terminal is epic!!! Major cheers to the dev! I'm going to make it my core drive boot!"
~ LordDarkenbeast, Reddit User

"Right on! I think that this is exactly the type of thing the Commodore 64 needs right now."
~ Privileged_Interface, Reddit User*

"I smiled when I did ls."
~ opi, Reddit User

"Oh cool, keeping an eye on this project."
~ Vijfhoek, Reddit User

"Seriously, better than fast blue hogs of the hedge this is man. This looks bosssssss. I got so many f**n disks of absolute crap pirate games to murder, this is gonna be handy af dude"
~ LLH on Facebook

"TAB-completion and I'll take it!"
~ PS on Facebook

"Deym thanks for this! Looks amazing! Will try out soon."
~ RBJeffrey, Reddit User

"Awesome work!"
~ Oldbitcollector

"My new GOTO tool for file management! Thank you!"
~ JL on Facebook

Please note: these public quotes do not imply endorsement of any kind.


This boxed release includes a printed manual and can sit on your desk beside your Commodore 64 making it easy to look-up any feature or command!
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