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Jerboastar vs. The Gersmows

Jerboastar vs. The Gersmows

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A brand new, big-box, all original game for the classic Amiga computer system!

Deep within a forgotten junk yard, nature merged with technology to create a new form of life. But all was not well as a threat emerged: The Gersmows!

Rising to their defence, a champion was chosen to take on this new threat: Jerboastar!

Using his cybernetic electric powers, and his AI super-ship named Gairy, Jerboastar fights for their freedom, home and people.

Journey with Jerboastar into the inner world inside computers and technology!

Let's Rock'n Roll!

The game comes in a full color box, with a high quality glossy manual and 3.5-inch diskette.

Playable on:

Ideal: Amiga 1200 with 2MB of RAM

Minimum: Amiga 500 with 1MB of RAM

Note: The Amiga 1000 is not currently supported unless you have added an expansion RAM of some kind such that you've got 512KB of Chip RAM and at least 512KB of Slow RAM. This has passed emulation testing as working!




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